What we ( like to ) do:

AntonellaPerilloAgencyTalent Agency -  represents /promotes inspired and passionate international Filmmakers for :

tv commercials-branded content-fashion films- music videos-documentaries-films. Thrilled more than ever to collaborate with gifted artists, directors, developers, entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives of all kinds. We plan, develop and implement PR strategies using all forms of media and communication to build, maintain and manage the reputation of our talents. Offering creative consultancy to our represented clients-production companies-adv agencies for their projects.  Our flexible structure supports creativity in cost effective way keeping high standards.


Talent Scout and Agent Antonella Perillo Bowers Entrepreneur in the Entertainment industry since 1980. She has traveled the world far and wide as PA for Simply Red. Managing actors/musicians/performers and artists, joined an International casting Network in Berlin-Hamburg-Paris-Milan. She has done casting for music video, cinema,tv commercials, tv dramas, reality shows.Working next to world-renowned filmmakers like: Zack Snyder, Tony Kaye and others. Early 2000 started ABC&Directors a film directors agency. Antonella conducts a deep creative research to fulfill clients demands by offering a selection of international gifted artists, directors and creatives for the world's leading brands.