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We are happy to be part of http://ownedbywomen.tv a global coalition of women owned companies operating in the advertising production industry. As an international resource, we allow brands to have easier access to women owned companies.  Owned is an initiative of global inclusion, supporting and promoting women owned companies and championing women in all aspects of commercial production. OWNED officially launched at CICLOPE Festival in Berlin at the beginning of November with the bold panel discussion, “Women Owned Companies: More Female Voices in The Advertising Pipeline.”

Congratulation to Maged Nassar for the Bronze @ Clio Awards 2018

This 2018 Clio Awards Bronze winning entry titled 'The Warning ' was entered for Mars by Impact BBDO Dubai, Dubai, AE, part of agency network: BBDO and holding company: Omnicom Group. The piece was submitted to the medium: Film within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: Commercials (Between 31 to 60 Seconds). It consists of 1 video and 1 image.

National Orgasm Day : director Tiny Bullet (aka Tina Bull)

A risqué advert featuring real couples climaxing is set to air on television tonight in UK.

The 30-second clip, which has been commissioned by online sex toy retailer Lovehoney as part of its "Turn Up the Turn On" campaign, aims to normalise sex toys in a fun and entertaining way for mainstream audiences.

Featuring both gay and straight couples, the advert has been created to coincide with National Orgasm Day and shows lovers removing each other’s clothes, kissing, and frolicking on a bed before showing each of them at the point of orgasm.

Speaking of the advert, its director, Tiny Bullet (aka Tina Bull) from Thomas Thomas said that it was one of the more interesting briefs she has received.

“Getting the right tone of voice was key - it had to be fun and sexy but not too naughty,” she explained.

“We came up with some inventive ways to suggest products without showing them like the vibrator ‘cam’ shot.

“I also wanted the edit to have a rhythmic energy similar to having sex where we have moments of calm just like foreplay that build until the spot ends with our montage of climaxes.“