What we do :


AntonellaPerilloAgency represents inspired Filmmakers from all over the world and operates in all international markets: Europe -Eastern Europe- Asia -Midde East-USA-South America. We are a combination of Manager-Agent-Publicist-Creative Consultants thats offer to clients all  types of talent management services,providing affordable, transparent, smart and innovative new approach to PR.

As Managers: we provides career consultancy and guidance, include what jobs to take, how to develop your talents, making travel arrangements and advising on how to manage your income. We help to expand your circle of influence. To succeed in film industry it takes a lot more than just talent, the formula is a mix  of talent/competence/management/marketing/networking.

As Agents: we help you find work and for negotiating the terms of your employment, negotiate your contract and make sure the terms and conditions of your contract are met.

As Publicists: we help you to manage relationship with the media; finds the best way to promote yourself, helping you to gain publicity.

As Consultants: we offer creative consultancy to production companies and advertising agencies to find the right director for upcoming projects. We create the opportunity for successful partnerships. We connect people together.

Thrilled more than ever to collaborate with gifted artists, directors, developers, entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives of all kinds.Our flexible structure supports creativity in cost effective way keeping high standards. 


Antonella Perillo Bowers is an Entrepreneur in the Entertainment industry . She has traveled the world far and wide managing actors/musicians/performers and artists. She worked as P.A for Simply Red. Over the years she has played several roles into the film and advertising industry as artist management-talent scout-agent consultant-producer. Then joined an International Network in Berlin-Hamburg-Paris-Milan working for music video, cinema,tv commercials, tv dramas, reality shows next to world-renowned filmmakers as : Zack Snyder, Tony Kaye and others. Early 2000 started ABC&Directors a film directors agency. Antonella conducts a deep creative research to fulfill clients demands by offering a selection of international gifted artists, directors and creatives for the world's leading brands.Antonella also happens to be multilingual, speaking Italian, English, Spanish and French,and has worked on successful projects all over the world.

Member of The A-D-A in Europe ( Association of The Directors Agents ).

Member of EWA Network ( European Women's Audiovisual Network) .

Member of Owned by Women a global coalition of women owned companies operating in the advertising production industry.

Supporter of Free The Bid association which supports women in the advertising industry.

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